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Why Education Plus ?

It was the year 2000, a year of several turning points. The turn of a century, a millennium, Y2K bug and my class XII board exams. Like every fresh school pass out, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because the routine life of school was ending and nervous because there was a plethora of options was available and my entire future was dependant on what option I chose. Like every college hopeful, I applied for an endless number of entrance exams, cracked a few and managed to get into a reputable law college. But my calling lay in software engineering, which thanks to our rigid education system was almost impossible for a commerce graduate like myself.

As weeks passed, I grew more disenchanted by pursuing a law career and desired to explore my passion for computer science. Instead of enrolling for law school, I decided to study abroad. Year 2000 was an era of dial up modems and snail mail. Getting information was a huge task due to limited access. After dropping a semester and preparing for the SATs, my hunt began for the right agent. Again information from them was usually misleading and usually generated more fear than understanding. Finally after talking to numerous sources, I zeroed in on an agent to help with the paperwork. The agent charged me a ransom amount and was very not forthcoming either.

I joined Northwest in the Spring of 2001, and after graduating with a degree in MIS, worked at several Fortune 500 companies in the US, South Africa and India. Studying in the US changed my life, both academically and personally. It was the best decision that I had made. If I had more information the process would have been smoother. This continues to nag me and that is why we decided to launch Education Plus- to give students access to accurate information, informed career choices and visa counselling at a minimal fee. We will guide you with the choice of universities, career options, application process, SOPs, exam guidance and visa paperwork.